Find out the most suitable textile materials for hotel room design

In an increasingly competitive field, with ever higher standards, we support our decades of experience in the field of fabrics, inspiration intertwined with the latest technologies to be able to offer you materials of a exceptional quality at very convenient prices. Our collaboration with most hotels in Europe, as well as with many around the world, has always been exceptional and the results have lived up to expectations. We offer the following fabric ranges: Contract Collection - a very wide range of fireproof fabrics, 140 - 280 cm wide, with a wide range of patterns and colors, Teflon fabrics for curtains, covers, blankets, upholstery, with prices ranging from 15-35 euros. Professional Collection - Teflon fabrics, with anti-stain treatment, width of 150 - 330 cm, with technical characteristics that allow washing at 90 degrees or treatments with bleach, special for heavy traffic, for tablecloths, tablecloths, napkins, covers, etc., with prices from 25 euros. Outdoor collection - spec